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Classic button-up midi skirt with warm sensibility color and velk detail


It is a midi skirt that anyone can wear casually.
The thick feeling of thickness that is good to enjoy from now on
It conveys a warm feeling with a deep color feeling
Various productions are possible with a belt set item
It's good to style it to your liking

Blouse, knit, man-to-man, etc.
Various looks depending on what kind of styling
It is recommended as an item that directs you~


It's a midi skirt that gives a neat silhouette
It can be worn comfortably with a moderately relaxed width.
It helps a certain amount of body cover
The side console zipper helps you to attach and detach comfortably.
The leg line is longer with the high waist line
I will create a narrow waistline
It is possible to adjust the size according to the body shape with a belt set.
The slit detail that is not burdensome at the hem, quietly every time you walk
It makes the illuminated leg line more attractive
The button detail that comes down from the center shows the flatness of the look.
It is applied as a point by reducing it. It has a classic mood.
It's a great product to be with every season^^


Available in two sizes, S and M.
The model wore a beautiful size S.
Please refer to the detailed size chart below and make a good choice!